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River Advice’s fleet of river passenger vessels sail on most European Waterways, which means that crew members have the opportunity to serve in new and exciting locations.   

At River Advice we make sure that all crew members feel like they are part of one big family. After all, we want every single member of our staff to enjoy their experiences with us and to share in our continued success as the world’s largest management companies for river passenger ships.

By working on a River Advice ship, crew members are setting the course for their future success. Not only will crew members enjoy the freedom and opportunity of traveling but they will gain valuable experience that will help them to excel in all of their endeavors. River Advice holds high standards for professionalism to ensure that crew members have what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Crew members will also benefit from River Advice’s vast and well-established international network, which offers an impressive range of career opportunities. 


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If you’re interested in exploring career options aboard a passenger ship, then you might like to see what great new opportunities River Advice has available. Click to browse available opportunities.

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If you like working in an office, making sure that operations are running smoothly and efficiently, then you might be interested in an administrative career with River Advice. Click to browse available opportunities.