Executive Management

Robert Straubhaar

Vice Chairman of the Board/CEO


Robert Straubhaar founded River Advice in 2004. He is CEO of the Group, shareholder and Vice Chairman of the Board.

Previously, Robert Straubhaar worked for Grand Circle Cruise Line, GRC Global River Cruises/Uniworld, Viking River Cruises, KD Triton and Natural van Dam in executive management positions.

Robert Straubhaar has a captain’s license (river) and attended advanced training in the areas of Board & Strategy, as well as Business Management.

He is Swiss Army Lieutenant Colonel A.D. and holds various Supervisory Board positions with ship owner companies.


Felix Ammann

Member of the Board/CFO


Felix Ammann is since 2006 at River Advice.

Previously, he worked in senior positions in international logistics and transport sector: at Via Mat, at KD-Triton as head of the shipping company and Deputy General Manager, at warehouses Aarau AG, at Alpina Container Service and at the Schweizer Reederei.

Felix Ammann has a captain's license (river) and a diploma as a federal Freight Manager.



Daniel Buchmüller



Daniel Buchmüller started in April 2011 at River Advice and became 2016 CSO of the company. Before River Advice, he worked in a leading position for Europe Cruise Line and Viking River Cruises. He gained valuable management experiences at KKL Luzern Management AG, where he worked as a member of the executive committee until 2011.  

Daniel Buchmüller has an MBA from the University of Salzburg and a postgraduate degree in Marketing & Communication of the HSG University of St. Gallen. 

He is president of IG RiverCruise.


Rudolf Krauer



Rudolf Krauer is since May 2017 COO of the River Advice Group. The experienced train engineer was in the field of railway sector as CEO of the Sersa Group and previously in the service of the city of Zürich as Director / Commander Protection and Rescue.

He obtained the Dipl. Ing. agr. Oec from ETH Zürich.


Frank Reisenbichler

Executive Vice President Hotel Operations


Frank Reisenbichler took over the Food & Beverage Department after joining River Advice in January 2006.

Since 2014 he is EVP Hotel Operations. Previously, he was F&B manager at Global River Cruises/Uniworld und Corporate Executive Chef at Viking River Cruises, KD Triton and Leisure Cruises.

He has a degree in F&B Management.


Andreas Blaim

Vice President Operations


Since March 2016, Andreas Blaim is responsible for the entire Hospitality HR and purchasing area, as well as the operation of several vessels within our managed River Advice fleet.

Prior to joining, Andreas Blaim held senior positions in the river cruise industry, most recently as Director Shared Services at Global River Cruises/Uniworld.

Andreas Blaim has a degree of LBS Landeck in Hotel and Catering and attended among others training in the areas of HR management, leadership and communication , as well as accounting at the Danube University Krems / Donau .



Axel Ryll

Vice President Technic


Axel Ryll started his career at River Advice in 2009. Having supported the construction supervision for the new building vessels in the area of machinery/electronics, he was promoted Technical Corporate.

He subsequently became technical manager and finally in July 2015 VP Technic at River Advice. Previously, Axel Ryll was employed by Grand Circle Cruise Line.

He has a degree as master electrician.