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Responsible for the following duties as related to the entire restaurant, bar department, and dishwashing areas:

  • Daily dishwashing of all galley equipment, china, glassware, and cutlery
  • Correct and careful handling of all galley equipment, china, glassware and cutlery
  • Maintaining impeccable cleanliness, hygiene and tidiness in assigned areas
  • Assisting with the daily cleaning of the galley
  • Assisting the Executive Chef with the ordering of detergents and cleaning equipment
  • Assisting with luggage handling during embarkation and disembarkation, as instructed
  • Assisting with the loading of the ship’s supplies, as instructed
  • Assisting in taking inventory of the galley
  • Co-responsible for the following duties:
    • Achieving and maintaining corporate standards in hygiene (HACCP)
    • Correct handling and storage of all detergents and cleaning equipment used in the galley
    • Daily garbage separation and disposal, as instructed
  • Participating in the onboard training program
  • Performing various preparatory duties prior to and at the end of the season
  • Helping out in other departments (if necessary), according to supervisor’s directives


  • English spoken
  • Completed school
  • Experience onboard a ship
  • Experience in a comparable position


  • punctual
  • flexible
  • loyal
  • honest
  • ability to work under stress
  • motivated
  • strong constitution
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