River Advice is a leading provider of high quality, efficient, administrative and accounting services. Along with providing top level cash and document management services, River Advice effectively serves the needs of clients through a multitude of services, including: budgeting, filing systems, internal and external controlling, payroll, and international VAT handling.

River Advice’s clients are kept informed with detailed reports provided to the owner and/or operator’s management team. Reports include everything from account analyses, such as balance and income statements, to detailed financial statements, forecasts, budget, cost and expense breakdown, and anything else our clients require. These reports provide clients with information regarding the running costs of their vessels, as well as any other pertinent financial details. Our accounting reporting services help owners and management teams make informed financial decisions for their company.  

River Advice also implements and maintains cost-efficient onboard systems to facilitate purchasing and crewing functions. Documents and records are processed and maintained as per industry, government, and company standards.

The company follows internationally accepted accounting principles. Clients’ accounting records are audited annually by external auditors to ensure consistency and accuracy.

In addition, each owner has the choice, at any given time, to conduct a full audit using the company’s own internal or external auditors, for all matters related to their vessel. Audits can be performed on all services provided by River Advice, including cash and accounting related services, as well as purchasing, maintenance, communications, and safety.

River Advice’s Accounting Services include:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash Management
  • Internal / External Controlling
  • Payroll
  • International VAT Handling