Charter & Tonnage Provider

River Advice is an invaluable resource for owners and operators seeking to charter or purchase a River Advice managed vessel. River Advice can also arrange hire-purchase agreements and assist clients in selling their vessels or joining forces with other shipping investors. On behalf of our clients, River Advice can arrange ship inspections and valuations, as well as perform pre-purchase record investigations, Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) negotiations, and other related services.

River Advice’s experience rivers can be helpful to tour operators looking to expand their horizons and sail on inland waterways.

River Advice also has vast experience in providing services to financial institutions. We’ve performed many deliveries and re-deliveries of passenger vessels.

By using River Advice as managers for vessels under arrest or bankruptcy situations, the banks get the needed advice and management services to immediately reduce costs, speed-up the release of the vessels, and get them sold or chartered.