River Advice can offer owners and operators crew management packages designed to relieve them of any workload associated with the manning of vessels. That’s because River Advice has access to a large pool of experienced and qualified passenger ship officers and crew members.

At River Advice we take care to recruit crew members that are properly qualified, certified, and willing to work. Our crewing services go beyond recruitment to include payment of wages, medical and fitness examinations, implementation of drug and alcohol policies, insurance and claims handling, and more. We want to ensure that each of our clients is fully satisfied with the crew that they have working on their vessels.

River Advice’s crewing services include:

  • Recruitment and procedures for joining ship and repatriating crew
  • Payment of wages and leave with overtime and service bonuses of officers and crew
  • Implementation and follow-up of drug and alcohol policies
  • Crew insurance
  • Proper qualification and certification of crew
  • Supply of working gear for crew
  • Insurance for crew effects

Other Services