Disaster & Casualty Management

Disaster & Casualty Management

Every owner hopes that they will never be in a situation where one of their vessels is involved in a disaster. At River Advice we provide services to help clients plan and prevent disasters, as well as experienced management and assistance in the event that any unfortunate situations do occur.

Some of the disasters that vessel operators might be faced with include fires, collisions, groundings, and explosions. There is also the risk of unfortunate passenger events like, bomb threats, hijacking, and food poisoning. While all of these events can be avoided, there is never a guarantee that these incidents will not occur, which is why River Advice works with clients to ensure that each situation is managed with professionally, with care, and by following the correct procedures.

Disasters can be experienced by any cruise vessel and passenger ferries alike, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have experienced shoreside management and staff aboard every vessel. All vessels should have the capability of allocating staff to a problem situation for the entirety of its duration. While issues are being worked on by this specific staff, day-to-day operations of other vessels can continue.

Clients of River Advice can count on our experienced expertise to supervise all activities during a disaster. Our goal is to make sure that the vessel stays in business during this unfortunate time.

Some of our services include:

  • Experienced shoreside management and staff
  • Claims handling and processing
  • Nautical and technical assistance