Financial Services

Financial Services

River Advice offers a wide variety of financial services to current and future cruise line operators.

For clients that are looking to purchase a vessel, we offer expert financial consulting services that include financial modeling reports. The purpose of these reports is to provide clients with detailed information about what they can expect before taking on a new vessel or embarking on a new project. Our team will conduct a full financial analysis to aid owners in making informed decisions.

At River Advice we’ve also helped close many financing agreements for river vessels. We work closely with clients to help them obtain capital funding for new and current projects. River Advice also provides assistance in matters related to business transactions, such as negotiation of vessel purchases and turnkey renovation services, as well as establishment of tax-favorable companies.

River Advice’s financial services include:

  • Financial consulting
  • Financial modeling
  • Capital funding support
  • Negotiation of vessel purchases
  • Other business transactions