Management Services - Hotel & Catering Services

Hotel & Catering Services

For a passenger cruise ship, meeting the high expectations of its passengers is essential to the ship’s continued success. In modern day, passengers expect cruise operators to provide them with the very best amenities, including outstanding hotel and catering options, as per the booking of their choice.

River Advice has over 40 ships, which has gained us the expertise in all aspects of hotel management and catering on ships of all different sizes. Our crew knows exactly how to deliver a consistent consumer experience throughout every aspect of the cruise. We deliver high quality services based on different service catalog standards. And due to the purchasing power of buying for a large fleet, at River Advice we are able to negotiate favorable purchase agreements with local and international suppliers.  

River Advice offers full hospitality management services for:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant/catering
  • Bar
  • Gift shop
  • Purchasing
  • Controlling
  • Spa & Health Club
  • Entertainment