New Building & Ship Conversions

New Building & Ship Conversions

From initial planning to final fitting-out, River Advice provides full management services for new ship buildings and conversions.

River Advice can act as an owner’s representative during any phase of the ship building process, as well as during ship upgrades and conversions. As an owner’s representative, River Advice can utilize its experienced expertise to approve plans, solicit competitive bids, arrange schedules, oversee purchasing processes, and supervise employees, contractors, and sub-contractors throughout the process.

River Advice can also help owners choose a ship yard, or other facility that is appropriate to the tasks required. Today, River Advice works with many European shipyards for conversions and new builds.

River Advice can help owners get a laid-up vessel back into service. We ensure that all details and matters have been reviewed and taken care of, including technical and ship interior aspects, class and flag state.

River Advice provides the following services for new ship building and conversions:

  • Initial planning and organization
  • Approval of plans
  • Solicitation of competitive bids
  • Schedule arrangements
  • Overseeing purchasing
  • Construction supervision
  • Major and sub-contractor supervision
  • Warranty claims supervision
  • Ship yard selection