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At River Advice we believe that onboard safety is of the highest priority, which is why we offer extensive training programs for river crew.

River Advice’s training program includes training for all crew members. We ensure that all crew members have relevant and up-to-date qualifications and experience for the positions they hold. Potential crew members are recruited based on several factors, but one of which is their ability to interpret and understand key instructions.

Crew members onboard vessels operated by River Advice, regardless of how they were contracted by River Advice, receive familiarization training prior to being assigned duties onboard the vessels. River Advice’s quality control department is responsible for determining when training is required.

River Advice works also with certified outside sources to provide some necessary aspects of training. For basic training, River Advice works with outside companies who are certified in the Standards of Training. For river vessels, extensive training programs before and during the season take place regularly. In addition, River Advice uses outside sources for firefighting training.

To ensure the efficacy of our training programs, River Advice’s Safety Management System performs drills under a variety of scenarios to gauge crew performance. Drills are regularly carried out, both onboard and off-shore, and include scenarios such as, oil spills, groundings, fires, and abandon ship incidents.

For the owner of a vessel, proper training of its crew is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a long and successful passenger cruise company.

River Advice’s training services include:

  • Basic and job-specific training to all crew members and officers
  • Hands-on, onboard training
  • Risk management and crowd control
  • Evaluation of training program performance

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